Condolences - Late K. Mahalingasivam -


Monday, June 4, 2018

Condolences - Late K. Mahalingasivam

I was shocked when I saw the obituary notice

We express our deepest grieves condolence To you & your family , also share some 

1)Every time when you see me you called me Daya marumahan. It was something special stylish way you sound those words , I cant really forget it I really impressed &; it was some entertaining ,jojful ,fantastic period I had with you.

2)All the people knew you were the hero during the period of insurgency . Helping lot of people even big heads Ignored; hid ,you did the rest .

3)My wife also really impressed on you after realizing you were been a vegan. Since she also is being an all time vegetarian , 

4)Constantly you had to tell me every minute of the life is precious so Enjoy it every minute & Every moment. Its great all to be followed. 

People are born , lived ,died leaving some great remembrance behind them so

We are all with those remembrance request the god to settle you with your Wife in heaven,
Grieving Daya & FAMILY.

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